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Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13.2

         In the  year, 2012 we  celebrated the 200 years of mission that was inaugurated by Adoniram Judson and his friends to foreign lands from the United States of America.

Now, the mission has come a full circle back to where it started. We are missionaries right where we are. There is a tendency to love someone when they are in a far away place. We have got a little over used to that paradigm and we ignore to see what is happening in our own location and in our own back yard. This is the time for us, churches to seize this opportunity and remind you of what the author is saying in the verse above that "unawares they were actually serving angels."

This is a ministry of networking. There are churches that are willing to take up the challenge of being a mission church to strangers. As well as seminarians willing to be the lens to their communities and countries. When we accept this ministry we are not only welcoming strangers, but in that process we are greatly being benefited to reach out to a larger community and to a country that they represent.

Moreover, they need friends, families and support of any kind. We as American Baptists should practice aggressive hospitality and love so that we do not miss an opportunity that God is giving to us.

The role of the International Student Minister is therefore to identify Churches that are willing to take up this mission and connect international seminarians to these churches. These churches in turn would become their family, support and mentors in their spiritual journey.

Rev. Isaac Seelam

          International Student Minister, Rev. Isaac Seelam, is a native of India. He himself was an international student, attended Andover Newton Theological School for an advanced Master's degree (STM) in theology. This ministry is a desire that rises from his own personal experience as an international seminarian and also from the experiences of other international seminarians.

              He comes with experience as a pastor, working among the youth, a teacher in a theology school and a church leader. He is in the ministry for the past twenty five years and is an ordained minister for the past fifteen years. His ordination now stands with the American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts. He has been helped by several ministers, agencies and churches, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

              He intends to use all his good connections, friendships and knowledge for the sake of international seminarians that come to Boston leaving their families and friends. When someone feels lonely, as it is more likely to feel within this culture, international seminarians face a lot of challenges. Isaac Seelam, in lieu of his situation understands these circumstances very well and will sure be a help to you. You can reach him through his email, phone, facebook page or through this website. In all likely, if you are feeling lonely, pick up your phone, or computer, call him or email him and he will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

phone: 857-231-2023

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