BECAUSE WE CARE           


  • Our mission is to find a church family for an international seminarian, who goes to a seminary in Boston.
  • This church becomes their family, guide, mentor and a place where the seminarian can trust and entrust them for his well being and ministry in Boston.
  • Help the churches to understand that these strangers and aliens need friends and families whom they have left behind in pursuit of greater things.
  • Help the churches understand that it is a mission to this international seminarians that they are being called to.
  • To make churches understand that there are several needs for these seminarians that they can help with.
  • Sometimes these students do aspire for ministry, maybe among their own people or to everyone else in the society. Churches can stand with them to achieve their goal.
  • Churches can sometimes help them financially in return for ministerial help.
  • Some of the international scholars might be struggling to buy an international health insurance. Churches can help in their efforts.
  • We have many scholarships for the international seminarians. However, not everything can be covered under scholarships. They might still need help in some way. Churches can chip in this needs.
  • Churches can sometimes have place for international seminarians, maybe in their mission houses, parsonages or even their basements. Even if it is for sometime you would be helping them to save a lot on housing.
  • Churches can take the seminarians as interns or christian education ministers and train them to acculturate into the mainstream culture of America.
  • As an International Student Minister, I would reach out to any seminarian in any situation as and when they need me. There are many difficult times that these international seminarians pass through.
  • I myself had been an international student, close to many of my international friends in seminaries. I know what is going on in several of them. I know when they are passing through their most difficult times. I have been there. I have been ministered. I have ministered. I will not say I know it all. However, I have seen most of it.
  • Please do not hesitate. If there is any need, any difficulty, any feeling of isolation and loneliness. Please pick up your phone and give me a call and I will be there. I will try to make your difficult times pass, with the help of God and with the help of friends.
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